VOADs are Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. These ESF-8 partners are tasked with supporting their communities in a multitude of ways. VOADs as a group are made up of non-profit organizations, community groups, and government groups that utilize their resources to assist
during all phases of a disaster. Whether it is providing food or shelter or supplies, these organizations are vital to assisting a community or region during a disaster. VOADs rely on their numbers of trained volunteers to fulfill their mission.

In our region, the United Way of the Plains has taken the lead in managing unaffiliated volunteers and setting up the Volunteer Reception Center during a disaster. The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and the United Way are among the organizations that can provide resources in our region.

VOADs are highly active in the support of communities after the initial emergency responders have left. Disaster relief is supported by multiple organizations in our region. The true recovery of a community is dependent on these ESF-8 partners.